Shahi Darbar .. the truely “Shahi ” affair with vegetarian food.

Located in the heart of busiest hub of the city Fancy Bazaar, Shahi Darbar is one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in Guwahati. When I was invited by my fellow foodie friends, I was a bit sceptical as I am a hardcore nonvegetarian, and psychologically speaking a vegetarian meal gives me pang of “something missing”.Again, so many people ask me about vegetarian meals.
Shahi Darbar changed my whole conception of vegetable meals, which I thought was boring.
Greeted to a beautiful ambience, well-furnished restaurant with artistically decorated corners, there is a certain warmth in their hospitality.
Cleanly laid tables with purple dendrobiums adoring the vases, with neat napkins and tableware, the whole aura reflected chic attention to every titbit.

Coming to food, we were served a beautiful red wine paired with perfect starters. The first starter was a surprise for me, the Chinese Bhel. I was surprised with this pairing, the flavours of both perfectly balancing each other !!

Chinese Bhel
                                                                                         Red Wine


The next starter Mawa Mawa cheese kabab was another stunner. The goodness of Mawa, ghee n cheese blended together, yet not heavy to our tummy.

Mawa Mawa Cheese Kabab

Paneer tikka was extraordinarily soft, and nicely done, no overpowering flavours. The two accompanying chutneys did their trick too.

The main course was served with various condiments. The Misi rotis and jeera pulao were served with :
Paneer Malai Pyaz
Lahori Paneer
Bharwan Paneer
Rojwara Kofta
Dal makhani.

I never ever loved paneer dishes like this before, to say the truth !! To my understanding, I felt the Chef masters in these flavours. None of the dishes had too strong, overpowering flavours. Each was cooked to perfection and had its individual distinctive flavour intact.
The owner and the actual brain behind this beautiful restaurant, Vivek is a soft-spoken young entrepreneur with intelligence. He kept the traditional flavours intact, along with a fusion of correct dishes in the correct way. He broke the age-old orthodox element associated with vegetarian food.
Hats off to him !!
Shahi Darbar is a must visit for everyone, who loves good food. I bet, it will make a hardcore non-vegetarian like me, fall in love with the vegetarian spread.
Do visit guys, you will love it for sure.
They also have a well-stocked bar.
Be it family time, or a romantic date or addas with friends, Shahi Darbar has every element for you


SOURCE: A Foodies’ Diary


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